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Mauricio, Venezuelan by birth and Catalan by choice, came to Barcelona fourteen years ago and fell in love with the city straightaway: its people, customs and traditions. He studied Materials Science in his home country and, although he began working as an engineer using the theory he had learned, his particular life path later led him to be a social worker, photographer and teacher.

He joined the team of mechanics that manufactures our handbikes more than two years ago. Here he has returned to his roots, as tools and materials surround him day in and day out in the assembly workshop and he enjoys the teamwork.


mauricio our employee of the month for november


He has two daughters, nine and five, who he loves spending his free time with, enjoying outdoor activities and nature, as well as the traditions and customs of his adopted country. Mauricio is an active part of the Colla gegantera and the Diables del Clot, in the Barcelona neighbourhood where he lives.

«I'm an activist by mistake, trial father and will cycle from Barcelona to Paris to fight climate change


mauricio our employee of the month for november


This Friday Mauricio will set off on a new adventure: cycling the more than 1,300 kilometres from Barcelona to Paris to fight climate change. You can learn more about this project in the article we posted last week and on his blog ENCARGoBIKe.

Here at Batec Mobility, we're very proud of Mauricio, both professionally and personally. We wish you the best Mauricio, in life and in your crusade to make this a better world for all of us!



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