batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

pau-bach-inventor-y-fundador-de-batec-0Pau Bach is a C5 tetraplegic wheelchair user as a result of a motorbike accident he suffered in 1996 at the age of 18. "Before the accident", he tells us, "I was passionate about motorbiking and cycling. From 14 to 18 years old I had 8 motorbikes! When I had the accident, I was studying my first year of Industrial Design with a view to working in the field of vehicle design."

After completing his rehabilitation, Pau was not satisfied with the mobility solutions offered to him by the technical aid market. "So I set out to make my own inventions. I wanted something that would solve my basic problem: autonomy and dependence. I felt comfortable in my manual wheelchair but for long distances, tourism and sports, I was very dependent on third parties and a car." Thus, his inventions had to be devices that he could use autonomously from a manual wheelchair. After much trial and error, the first BATEC QUAD ELECTRIC was born. Subsequently, driven by strict quality demands in terms of functionality, components and at an aesthetic level, this first artisan protoype evolved into the current BATEC

Pau is currently the manager of Batec Mobility. "But I keep myself highly involved in the RDI department, the key departament of our project." They are responsible for developing the new ideas that arise in Pau's mind, no longer looking only at his own needs, but also taking into account those of disabled community in general.



On a personal level, "I am married and have two almost four-year-old twin daughters". Although outside work he cannot help continuously seeking out new challenges to take to the BATEC RDI department, Pau continues to be a great fan of motors and sports. An he loves travelling. "You can read accounts of my accessible travels in the blog, where I collaborate since 2012."

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