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Bàrbara Vidal was 23 when she suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury as the result of an accident. Initially she couldn't move her legs at all but during the following six months she regained mobility in her left leg, “which is pretty good now”.

Bàrbara has an extraordinarily active life, beyond her work. Shortly after the accident she started to play tennis in wheelchair, and she took part in the Athens Olympic Games and in the World Cup for teams on several occasions. Over the last couple of years or so, she has stopped competing, but she has not stopped practising sports. Thus, when her partner proposed a bit of climbing, she took it up straight away. Thanks to her tenacity, Bàrbara climbs whenever she can. “Rock climbing gets you hooked. I don't go as often as I'd like, because it's not always possible, with us working and so on, and the fact that the climbing sites are not always accessible for me. In this regard, the BATEC ELECTRIC allows me to access more places than I would be able to access otherwise.” Bàrbara and Jordi, her partner, have climbed together in Chamomix (French Alps), in Savassona and in Montserrat. And she has also re-learnt to ride a bike: “I tie my right foot to a stirrup so the leg doesn't fall, and I use the left leg to push myself along. The hardest thing is getting started... and slopes, of course. But it’s nothing that can't be overcome with a bit of rope and some bungee cords tied to your partner's bike.”



“My other great hobby has always been music.” Trenkaband, the pop-folk group she is part of, originated from Trenkalòs, an organisation that carries out international cooperation-related teaching and training activities, often regarding post-war regions, especially in the Balkans. “The Trenkaband shows are chat-concerts. Every topic is related to the story of a place in the world that has undergone (and is still undergoing) extreme situations (war conflicts, natural accidents …). We tell the story and sing the song.”

In her very active life, Bàrbara uses the BATEC ELECTRIC to move around the city, to access good climbing places and good travel destinations. “Using it has really improved the chronic tendinitis I have on my right shoulder”. She also avoids having to look for parking spaces in the centre or in more distant neighbourhoods. As to travelling, Bàrbara and her BATEC have visited Bosnia, Iceland, Germany … In Berlin she and her partner made a very special couple: she with her BATEC and he on roller-skates. “We sped down the bike lanes!”

You can find out more about Trenkalòs and Trenkaband, which Bàrbara belongs to, by clicking here.

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