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Jesús has been a regular at these fun runs since he got his BATEC MANUAL two years ago. With a complete spinal-cord injury (D2-D3) since he was very young, he had tried many different sports in his wheelchair before he got his BATEC MANUAL but didn't love any of them. So with his BATEC MANUAL, he started doing short trips around his house and gradually began going further afield. His first fun run was the 5K Ponle Freno in Madrid, in December 2012. "That's when I realised that I wasn't properly prepared and that Madrid has some pretty serious hills. After that I decided to take it a bit more seriously and since then, in good weather, I go to work, I go for a walk, do some errands, part of the Vía Verde pathway nearby, etc. Burgos, as it's a very flat city, is perfect for BATEC MANUAL. Sometimes I go a month without using it and then there are days I do between 20 and 25 km. I don't train as such, it's pure pleasure.".


 jesus y sus 2000 km de viajes y carreras populares en silla de ruedas y batec manual 4


After his first Ponle Freno, Jesús got motivated by the experience and participated again the next year, this time in the 10K category. He's also done the San Silvestre twice "The race that lets you finish the year giving it your all.", a culinary race, one to fight cancer, and another to support Las Edades del Hombre. And, of course, the famous Holi Run held in Logroño at the end of last year. "That was an amazing one because, really, it was more of a party than a race. It's different: people get dressed up and run the 5 km at their own pace. Along the way, people throw coloured powder at you." So Jesús and his BATEC MANUAL ended up covered in thousands of colours.

In addition to the runs, Jesús has travelled with his wheelchair and BATEC MANUAL to Chile. Although he says accessibility there isn't great, he was able to find some places where he could take a nice walk down to the beach.

Jesús works as an IT tech for a website about the Route of Santiago de Compostela and he's wanted to do the route for years. Now, with the training in the fun runs, it seems like he's even closer to making this dream come true.



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