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Although his name sounds Asian, Ken Mizukubo (quadriplegic) explains that he was born and raised in Madrid, where he likes to make the most of his free time.

With a C5-C6 spinal injury since the age of 21, Ken divides his professional time between Ilunion consultancy and "Fundación Lesionado Medular". He considers himself lucky because he's passionate about both jobs. Active and committed to working with associations related with disabilities, Ken has many hobbies, including the cinema, theatre and, at the weekend, taking his Batec attachable handbike out for a spin. He normally goes out a couple of times per week in winter and is sure it will be more like three or four when the good weather comes.

In 2010, Ken got the previous model of our BATEC QUAD MANUAL handbike, with which he has enjoyed getting exercise outdoors in his wheelchair for the past four years. A few months ago, with the new, updated line of Batec for quads attachable handbikes, he decided to try one and ended up purchasing the BATEC QUAD HYBRID, our electrical assist handbike. He says, with the change, he's seen a great improvement in quality, independence and enjoyment.



Ken was so excited about his new purchase that he got in touch with us straight away to tell us his favourite things about the new BATEC QUAD HYBRID. “Now I can do routes I couldn't do before, go further and go up hills. If you get stuck on a hill, the BATEC MAGIC LEVER crank arm release system is great.”

“You have to get the hang of the back pedal brake and shift levers. At first it was a bit difficult, above all changing gears, which compared to the manual handbike was a bit hard, but now I’m used to it. And the BATEC QUAD GRIPS are really comfortable: in my case, for extra safety, I use Velcro to make sure they don’t slip out of my hands when braking”.


madrid with a wheelchair and batec hibrid 4 quads

One of Ken’s favourite routes in Madrid is around the Madrid Río park down to Casa de Campo in the north. “It doesn't matter if you have a higher injury like mine, BATEC QUAD HYBRID is the perfect way to do sport and enjoy your free time. I'm a huge fan and recommend it to anyone who wants to do exercise outdoors!”


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