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Before his accident, Alex Toon (paraplegic, Manchester) was a joiner working for a maintenance company and an extremely active and independent young man. When he was diagnosed with a spinal injury forcing him to use a wheelchair, he vowed he would walk again, against all prognoses. He began looking for information on recovery projects until he found one he got excited about: Project Walk Orlando. After learning about how it works, he didn’t hesitate. He packed his bags and flew to Florida to throw himself into a trip during which he would give it his all to recover as much as possible.

This is how Alex’s adventure in Florida began. Three months of intense recovery he says he will never forget because, as a result, he has been able to get back on a bike and pedal with a bit of resistance, in addition to bending his knees and using glute machines at the gym. During his trip, he used one of our handbikes, specifically the BATEC ELECTRIC, which became his faithful travel companion.


rolling through orlando with a batec handbike to overcome a spinal injury


The first time Alex Toon saw a Batec handbike was at Cyclone Technologies, his orthopaedic shop in the United Kingdom and our official distributor in that country. He saw Stuart Dunne, the owner of the orthopaedic shop, with one and Alex says, “I was really impressed how he attached and detached it so easily and with the distance he was able to travel. So the next week, after trying it out for myself, I went back to the orthopaedic shop to order my own BATEC ELECTRIC”.

After getting the Batec handbike, he went to Florida to start the recovery programme. While he was there, he used his BATEC ELECTRIC every day for nearly everything. “I used it for three months… doing between twenty and twenty-five kilometres each day!” says Alex, “To go to Project Walk, to visit friends and do the shopping. But what impressed me most about the Batec was how easy it was to go to the beach when we spent the day at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. The Batec's autonomy also amazed me. I could do quite long distances, between forty and 48 kilometres, without stopping.” He also highlights how easy it is to take the electric handbike in the car, because you can make it lighter by removing the battery and the weights, making it much easier to get in the boot.


rolling through orlando with a batec handbike to overcome a spinal injury


After returning from his American adventure, Alex Toon carried on with his daily exercise regimen in his home gym. He has also continued using his BATEC ELECTRIC for everything from walking the dog to taking a stroll round the city centre. Because, in Alex’s words, “It has increased my mobility and improved accessibility to areas that were difficult before.” Now it makes his life easier and he doesn’t hesitate even a split second in recommending our handbikes to other wheelchair users. “I was surprised during my three months away. I did roughly two thousand kilometres and never had any problems with it. I think EVERYONE should have one!”

In the short term, he plans to return to Orlando for further recovery and won’t hesitate to take his BATEC ELECTRIC with him. All of us here wish him lots of progress in his recovery and hope he continues travelling with Batec.


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