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Kat is part of the French electro pop duo KatCross. She gets up on stage in her wheelchair and dazzles audiences with her voice and synthesisers alongside Matt, the other half of the duo, on guitar.

We met Kat when she became the first French user of the BATEC ELECTRIC handbike and we discovered a great person who is also the lead singer of a great band. Today we're speaking with her about her music and her life, now motorised with one of our handbikes.


katcross french electro pop in a wheelchair


How did you get started in music?
I was eight and my parents encouraged me. I started playing the organ at church and the piano, but when I was a teenager I discovered synthesisers and the sounds they could create... and I decided to start a band!

If we look at your discography, we find several LPs and your EP "Bridge the Distance" (2014). Do you have any new projects on the horizon?
We're about to record a new album that will come out in spring 2016. We're going to record it in Bristol, in Portishead bassist Jim Barr's studio, thanks to BettyBook Production.

«We're about to record a new album in Portishead bassist Jim Barr's studio. It will come out in spring 2016.»


katcross french electro pop in a wheelchair


Although some may not be familiar with the name Tricky, he is one of the most important British musicians on the trip-hop scene. Kat has had the privilege of working with him and tells us about it.
At one of his concerts in Toulouse, I personally handed him one of my songs: Symphony for Irony. The next day he called me to say he loved it and wanted to do something with it. A year later, I was surprised to discover he had included in on his album Back to Mine, along with songs from other artists like The Cure, Kate Bush, Buzzcocks... It was really important for me and a big push for my career. Five years later, he invited me onstage with him at one of his concerts and we played that song together and others by Portishead. Plus, at his latest concert in Toulouse, Matt and I played Bridge the Distance.


katcross french electro pop in a wheelchair


«The fact that Tricky put one of my songs on his album Back to Mine was a big push for my career.»



You were the first French user of our handbikes. How did you find out about them?
A friend of mine told me about the Batec Mobility website and sent me a link. After giving a concert in Perpignan, I contacted you guys and came down to Barcelona to try the BATEC ELECTRIC handbike in person. Jordi, of the Batec International Team, met me and we took an hour-long spin to test out all of its features. I realised immediately that it was just what I was looking for and that it would change my lifestyle. And it did. I use it every day and never get in the car to go into the city anymore because with my Batec and public transport I can get around just fine. It saves time and money, as well as being eco-friendly and meaning fewer transfers from the wheelchair to the car, which means less shoulder pain.

«Thanks to my Batec, I don't use the car to get around anymore. That means fewer transfers and less shoulder pain.»


katcross french electro pop in a wheelchair


Kat also collaborates with production company Le Petit Cowboys making soundtracks and appearing in their videos. Not long ago they shot a video on Accessible Toulouse, commissioned by the city council, and Kat surprised us with a video of her using her BATEC ELECTRIC handbike to get around the city, showing more people how useful our handbikes are as mobility tools. Don't miss it; we think its great ;-)



Thank you so much for your time and kindness, Kat! We look forward to hearing the latest from KatCross ;-)



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