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batec mobility batec handbikes

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is making life easier for users of our handbikes. There are stories that move you and today we'd like to share one of them: David and his BATEC ELECTRIC handbike. Stories like this make our everyday work meaningful. When we read it, we couldn't help but smile and be moved at the same time. You'll see how David has mastered his handbike!

«Stories like this make our everyday work meaningful.»



David is fourteen, uses a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy. Despite his disability, he's been using a BATEC ELECTRIC handbike since last May thanks to the generosity of the people who work with his mum, Mónica.

Two years ago, Mónica saw one of our add-on handbikes on the road and immediately realised it could improve David's mobility. But the lack of government subsidies and the family's economic situation, as David's father has been on the dole for six years, made it impossible for them to afford one. When they found out, Mónica's workmates decided to raise money to help them. And that's how David came to enjoy his "moto" and the whole family has gained in mobility and freedom. "Now we can go out for a walk with his brothers in the city, in the mountains and things that were really difficult before."

«"The whole family has gained in mobility and freedom."»



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