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Ana (Tarragona, Spain) uses a BATEC MANUAL, which she shares with her husband, Óscar. She tells us that the Batec "is used by both of us, by my husband and myself. We are lucky in that we are more or less the same height – though not the same weight, he-he!" During the winter, the BATEC MANUAL is mostly used by Óscar, as she can't cope with the cold. "But now I've started to go out again." They live in the centre of Tarragona, and Ana regularly puts in a few kilometres along the breakwater. "Óscar almost always comes along with the wheelchair. In the winter we went a few times from Salou to Cambrils and back again, along the promenade. It's a lovely outing on a sunny winter's day."



This summer they have also gone to the Vía Verde la Terra Alta (Tarragona, Spain): "I'd been meaning to go there for a while, so on the 1st of this month, as soon as our holidays started, off we went. It was wonderful. The entire journey was down-slope, so no effort was involved. Just had to keep the BATEC MANUAL steady and stay on the path."

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