batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

The time has come to declare the winner of the contest for videos of our users attaching and detaching one of our handbikes to their wheelchair. The five finalists, Óscar, Iñaki, José Carlos, Sergio and Boris, each showed with their videos how easy it is to attach and detach our handbikes to a wheelchair. Plus, they did so in a way that was original and unique, which is why they were chosen as the well-deserved finalists for February, March, April and May, respectively, each winning a Smartphone holder and a BATEC BOSSA rucksack.

The winner of the grand final will receive a set of BATEC RODES off-road wheels. These wheels are perfect for rough terrain and feature an exclusive spreader system to give users extra stability and safety when using wheelchairs in this type of environment.

Finally, after much deliberation with our global partners, the most creative, original video and thus the winner of the grand final is Boris.



Congratulations, Boris!

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