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Martyn Ashton (United Kingdom), a legend of mountain bike trials and former world champion, was left paraplegic with an injury to his T-9/T-10 vertebrae after a bad fall at a mountain bike demo at the British Moto GP in 2013. Before the injury, Martyn had devoted nearly his whole life to riding bikes: it was his lifestyle. You could say that he and his bike were inseparable. In 2012, he published a video called Road Bike Party, showing what can be done with a road bike. And, unsurprisingly, everyone fell in love with his tricks and the spectacular images in the video. It was so successful that he started recording a second part in secret. Although the project was cut short by Martyn's accident, with help from Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg, two other stars of mountain bike trials, Road Bike Party 2 was published while Martyn was still recovering in the hospital. In less than twenty-four hours, it because a total success.


martyn ashton ace stunt and speed rider beyond his spinal injury batecrapidteam


Now Martyn has done it again: with his new video Martyn Asthon - Back on track, Ashton has got back on a mountain bike and impressed everyone. Because the spectacular images of his incredible skill show us that Martyn Ashton still has a lot left to do on a bike.

Here at Batec Mobility we're extremely proud to have Martyn as a member of our much loved #BatecRapidTeam, along with Joan Lascorz and Òscar Lanza. You can't imagine how much we enjoy seeing him at top speed on his BATEC RAPID handbike:



With no further ado, here's the great Martyn Ashton:


You've inspired people around the world with your videos and tricks. Your accident shocked everyone, GT Bicycles included, which, although not part of your team, think very highly of you and launched a campaign to raise funds and support you in your new life. We know from experience that the change is hard and expensive... what did that support mean to you?

I had support from so many people on social media. So many messages and well wishes. Even to this day, I'm still receiving great support. I'm lucky to know many people in the cycling industry and have received opportunities to work and create new films since my accident. I'm really grateful for this.


martyn ashton ace stunt and speed rider beyond his spinal injury batecrapidteam


Let's talk about your latest video, Martyn Asthon - Back on track, in which you travel through the mountains of Snowdonia with your friends Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Blake Samson. It's incredible. How did you come up with the idea?

Whilst in hospital I was always talking with friends and thinking about how I would ride again. To begin it was motorcycles, because that's easier to achieve, because you have the motors power. After I'd achieved that I realised I could ride a mountain bike if I was stable on the bike. It was when I watched some sit-ski from the Sotchi games on TV, that I realised they had the seat I needed to ride again. It was obvious. So I set about getting a frame built that would work.




Can you tell us how your new bike works?

Really simple, a standard full suspension mountain bike. I have both pedals facing forward so I can place my feet on them easily. The seat is a Tessier Sit-Ski seat. It keeps me protected, stable and in position.

And how did it feel to ride down a mountain again?

Fabulous. To begin I was nervous, everyone involved was. We all knew it could work, but we wanted it to be fun. Thankfully it was, so fun. We laughed a lot.

Do you have anything new in the works? We're sure anything is possible when you're on a bike.

I have a new riding video planned. I can't say much just now but it should be great fun. I'm also hoping to see some others try the idea for themselves. I think there is a great Paralympic sport in the making ;-)

You found out about our handbikes through Cyclone Technologies, our distributor in the United Kingdom. Can you tell us how you felt the first time you tried one? It must have been memorable, and even more having tried it with the lads from Cyclone ;-)

It was a revelation. I turned my wheelchair into a fantastic e-bike that was suddenly capable of so much more. I couldn't wait to play with it again!


martyn ashton ace stunt and speed rider beyond his spinal injury batecrapidteam 


Is your Batec handbike a good companion? What do you use it for?

I have a local park near my house. Really nice nature and tracks. Mostly I ride it there with my son and friends on their mountain bikes. It's so cool to get out and holding handlebars again.


As you can see, nothing with wheels and handlebars is too much Martyn. It was a pleasure to interview him and we hope you've enjoyed his videos and his story.

Martyn, thanks for everything. We'll be following your achievements and videos closely!



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