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batec mobility batec handbikes

Our most powerful and off-road handbike to date is here: the BATEC SCRAMBLER. This Batec is designed for motorbike-lovers looking for features suited to both the city and the countryside. Adventure is everywhere.


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What is the SCRAMBLER?

Motorbike-lovers know this name well. The Scrambler motorbikes, from the United Kingdom, were a 1960s icon created to combine the best of a road bike and a trail bike. In fact, the name 'scrambler' comes from the idea of mixing or combining these two sides.

These bikes got their start in the 1960s when a group of young people held illegal races on improvised courses stretching from one side of the city to the other, covering all sorts of terrain, not just asphalt. Participants began to transform their daily-rider bikes to make them more off-road for these adventures. They mainly put in wider handlebars and studded tyres, raised the mudguard and took off any non-essentials to make it as light as possible for these illegal competitions.


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Although a true scrambler is a bike adapted at home from a standard market model, the big motorbike brands saw the demand and started making hybrid trail and asphalt models. Bikes like the Triumph TR6 from the late 1950s and the Ducati Scrambler from the 1960s are icons of their time. Spanish manufacturers like Bultaco also got on the scrambler bandwagon.

Riders have never stopped loving the scrambler style and these bikes are fashionable again today, not only for their off-road features but also for their characteristic style. Many brands have joined in the quest to hold on to the essence of this famous 1960s model... and at Batec Mobility we've got scrambler fever, too!


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Characteristics of the BATEC SCRAMBLER

The design of the new BATEC SCRAMBLER responds to the demand from our users who want to go one step further in their off-road adventures.

Manufactured in a exclusive olive green matte colour, it includes the latest Batec handbike technology with features such as reverse gear and an all-in-one LCD screen. With a 19" wheel ultra wide, a 1400-lumen double front light and a stand frame with suspension, the BATEC SCRAMBLER also has a 1200 w motor and a exclusive 678 Wh – 48 V battery(*) for this reaches a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

(*) This battery is only suitable for the BATEC SCRAMBLER.

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1200 W motor Suspension stand frame
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19" ultra-wide wheel Dual 1400-lumen lights

Our R&D team has managed to make the BATEC SCRAMBLER safer and more comfortable for this sort of off-road experiences. The wider, bigger tyre improves braking on slippery terrain and uneven surfaces. It also has better traction thanks to the new tyre. Plus, the new dual headlamp boosts night-time visibility in poorly lit areas, for greater safety.

The biggest challenge with the BATEC SCRAMBLER was to develop the suspension stand frame, with a mechanism hidden in the frame and independent suspension mechanisms for each leg. This stand frame helps overcome barriers and, in conjunction with the increased power from the 48 V battery, means this model can go places that were previously out of bounds.

The reverse gear, in addition to improving manoeuvrability, can get you out of sticky situations when you don't have a good grip on the terrain. In short, it is the most powerful Batec to date.

With all of these features, the BATEC SCRAMBLER is the perfect companion on all of your adventures. What are you waiting for?

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Learn more about the BATEC SCRAMBLER

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