batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

The latest Batec handbike platform comes with new standard features. All the new technology is based on our users’ experiences and improvements the Batec Mobility R&D team has designed in order to continue offering top-quality products.

The main technological advances are:

  nuevas tecnologías batec mobility


New all-in-one display panel

The display panel now has integrated LED indicators for:

o The chosen speed
o Direction
o Lights
o Low battery

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Reverse gear

Perfect for manoeuvring easily and getting up hills that require more traction.


Sidelight and low beam

The front lamp has two levels, so you can use the less powerful sidelight in areas with good visibility and save the powerful 700-lumen low beam for darker areas.

Plus, the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 has a double 1400-lumen lamp.



Discreet yet functional. The Batec horn will help you get someone’s attention when you need to.

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Three speeds

The latest generation Batec handbikes have three speeds instead of five. They are: pedestrian speed, the speed of a bicycle and a speed for open areas where you can go a bit faster.

The speeds come factory pre-set depending on the model:

  • BATEC MINI 2: 6km/h – 15km/h – 20km/h
  • BATEC ELECTRIC 2: 6km/h – 15km/h – 25km/h
  • BATEC SCRAMBLER 2: 6km/h – 15km/h – 30km/h
  • BATEC RAPID 2: 6km/h – 15km/h – 30km/h
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 ⚠️ We would like to point out that the versions of the device which drive faster than 6 kph are only permitted in road traffic in certain countries and otherwise may only be used on private land. In the absence of approval, in accordance with the road traffc laws, the versions which drive faster than 6 kph version may not be driven on public roads or even cycle ways. It is your responsibility to find out the information about which legal regulations apply in your particular country and about the insurance or driving licence obligations for versions which drive faster than 6 km/h.

Parking brake

This technology keeps your Batec from moving on hills or when it has to be detached.

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 *The BATEC RAPID 2 doesn’t have this technology.

Gentle start

The new gentle start is smooth as silk.



Folding system

Perfect for when your Batec handlebar is in the way. The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 and BATEC MINI 2 have the possibility to be smaller. With a gentle twist, you can turn it vertical or making it totally compact. This makes your Batec as small as possible. It is particularly useful for putting it in the car boot or parking it.

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