batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

Even though the BATEC MINI 2 was born at the height of the pandemic and is coming out after lockdown, it had been brewing for a long time before that. In fact, from the very beginning of Batec, around 2008, users have asked us for a very small, easy-to-transport Batec. Now we have it, and it’s here to stay.


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The origins of the BATEC MINI 2

Although the BATEC MINI 2 takes its name from the first BATEC MINI, it is totally new and designed from scratch to create the most compact, transportable product possible. The idea to have a line of small, transportable models dates back to the very origins of the Batec handbikes: the first prototype for the BATEC ELECTRIC was a very compact handbike with a 16-inch wheel.

As you can see in the picture, that first prototype was for a fairly compact handbike with a small wheel. However, the final result differed somewhat from the embryo and at Batec Mobility we went for the 20-inch wheel on the first model to hit the market. Our focus at that time was on creating an anchoring system that would allow users to attach and detach the Batec easily, regardless of the type of wheelchair they had, without help from anyone else.

But the idea of a Batec that was easy to transport and combine with other means of transport (car, train, plane, etc.) remained in the mind of Pau Bach, inventor of the Batec handbikes, until a year and a half ago it found its way to R&D department as a firm project.

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We had been wanting to offer a Batec even smaller than the BATEC MINI for some time. A compact, foldable Batec, easy to transport and store in tight spaces, but above all one that still had all the features of a Batec: powerful, attractively designed and that attached, of course, in a second.

Pau Bach - CEO, Batec Mobility

The result

The result was the BATEC MINI 2, perfect for transporting in the car or on any other means of transport and so compact it fits under your desk. With a comfortable folding system, 12-inch wheel, reverse gear, premium components and equipment, stand frame and, of course, our simple anchoring system. The BATEC MINI 2 is a practical, versatile handbike that meets all Batec quality standards. Plus, if you already use a Batec, the battery and anchoring bar are compatible with the rest of the range.

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The BATEC MINI 2 is the perfect option for both new users just getting started in the Batec world and experienced users looking for a second handbike to keep in the car. As your only Batec or an additional one, the BATEC MINI 2 is a perfect mobility solution for the city or to combine with other means of transport. Also, of course, for anyone who needs to store it in very tight spaces.

Òscar Nieva, mobility advisor at Batec Mobility.



característicasblog batec mini2 caracteristicas> Compact   > Foldable   > Transportable.

Perfect for storing and transporting in tight spaces.


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