batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

The BATEC HYBRID 2 brings together the technology of the BATEC ELECTRIC and BATEC MANUAL handbikes in a single product to become the equivalent of an electrically assisted bicycle. The power of its motor will give you the push you need whenever you require a bit of assistance.

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What's new in the BATEC HYBRID 2

If you like to exercise healthily, BATEC's hybrid models are the perfect option for you. Manufactured with the latest technology from Batec handbikes, with a 250 RPM brushless high-power motor and a 280 Wh - 36 V or 522 Wh - 36 V battery, BATEC hybrid models allow you to start uphill, assisting without need to turn the pedals ¼ turn.

The primary and most important of the novelties offered by the BATEC hybrid models is their new and innovative proprietary electronics that optimize engine performance. They also have a new trigger throttle and a new regulator. Both models also have a signal cut-off brake sensor.

One of the most remarkable features of the BATEC HÍBRIDO 2 model is the E mode to go in Electric or Manual mode without losing the lights or the horn without turning off the battery. This model also has a new gear ratio of 2.46 to 3.27; This is a 33% increase with a 36 tooth chainring and a nine-pinion cassette (11-32).

The new storage bag allows you to carry tools, documents, smartphones, or any other small object in a comfortable and accessible way.


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The reduced turning angle of the BATEC hybrid models will allow you to stroll and enjoy even on short trips. In your free time, it will become a perfect ally for doing healthy physical exercise alone or in company: forest tracks, greenways, inaccessible villages, bike lanes ...

And all this, being able to disconnect the Batec handbike and enjoy the comfort of a manual wheelchair for specific environments, such as inside a restaurant or your own home, thanks to the ultra-fast BATEC EASY-FIX anchoring system.

If you are interested in our new model, want to try it, or request more information, you can contact us by clicking this button:




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