batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

If there’s one thing that terrifies anyone in a wheelchair it’s leaving the house and finding nothing but obstacles to start your day. So we’ve decided this Halloween to list the 5 most common nightmares for people with reduced mobility, all of which vanish when you get a Batec electric device.


nightmare in a wheelchair batec handbike


  • A stroll to remember... the ground: Raise your hand if you’ve gone to visit the old town of a city and wanted to cry when you saw the cobblestone streets. Afterwards, those cobblestones are surely what you remember most about the town. With Batec, no more having your eyes glued to the ground!

  • I swear I looked good when I left home: Looking smart when you go out the door and getting to your destination looking like you’ve come straight from a spinning class after struggling with the hills along your way. With Batec, hills are a piece of cake. So you’ll always arrive on time and looking your best.

  • Trick-or-trekking: Isn’t the countryside beautiful... when it’s easy for you to get around. In a wheelchair, this type of getaway doesn’t tend to go well because of the difficult terrain. But with a Batec, you can forget all about that and enjoy a day out on the trails. Spain has many Vías Verdes, adapted paths made from old rail lines that are perfect for a day in the countryside with friends or family.

  • I’d love to be an octopus to do the shopping: When your hands are also your legs, it can be impossible not to wish for extras to carry your shopping bags or the leftovers your mum packed up for you. Batec solves that issue, especially if you have the BATEC EXCURSION 2 front rucksack.

  • One Thousand and One Transfers: With rising petrol prices, the effort of getting your wheelchair in and out of the car and searching for a PRM parking spot, sometimes you’re better off taking public transport or making your own way there. With Batec, that isn’t a crazy idea. You can attach and detach it from your wheelchair in seconds when you need to, perfect for switching to public transport when possible and necessary.

Although let’s be frank... the true nightmare starts when you end up having to run all the errands because your handbike makes you so free and independent. 😉

👻 Happy Halloween! 👻


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