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batec mobility batec handbikes

About the new BATEC MINI


batec mini


Here at Batec Mobility we haven't forgotten about our users with higher injuries. In fact, the inventor of Batec and founder of the company, Pau Bach, is quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair, BATEC QUAD ELECTRIC and, recently, the BATEC QUAD HYBRID.

The incorporation of the BATEC QUAD HYBRID and BATEC QUAD MANUAL into the Batec line of products completes the Batec options for users with injuries that affect both the upper and lower limbs. And it also allows us to offer users with higher injuries a full mobility alternative for both day-to-day life and free-time leisure activities.


batec 4 quads la nueva gama para tetraplejicos 2


The BATEC 4 QUADS line currently consists of three products: BATEC QUAD ELECTRIC, BATEC QUAD HYBRID and BATEC QUAD MANUAL. Each model includes features specifically designed for users with injuries affecting the upper limbs, making them as easy as possible to drive and steer.

So, the BATEC QUAD ELECTRIC is equipped with the GAS & BRAKE handlebar without levers, to accelerate and brake with gentle movements of the handlebar: pressing backwards to accelerate and forwards to brake.

The BATEC QUAD HYBRID, our electrically assisted attachable handbike, comes with the following standard features:

  • Dual back pedal brake with mechanical disc brake that can be activated without removing hands from the pedals.
  • BATEC SHIFT LEVER, which allows users to easily shift gears without removing hands from the pedals.
  • BATEC QUAD GRIPS, which provide better hand grip.
  • BATEC MAGIC LEVER crank arm release system, with assisted starting system so Batec users can enjoy the zero-effort mode.

With these adaptations, the BATEC QUAD HYBRID allows users with more severe injuries to get outside and exercise their torso. The electrically assisted motor allows users to go up steep inclines at the same speed as someone without a disability would be able to do cycling, making it perfect for group outings.




Finally, the BATEC QUAD MANUAL is the version of our manual handbike adapted for quadriplegics. Like the BATEC QUAD HYBRID, it comes standard with dual back pedal brake with mechanical disc brake, the BATEC QUAD GRIPS and the BATEC SHIFT LEVER.

Finally, Batec handbikes for quads also allow users to connect and disconnect their Batec in just seconds thanks to the exclusive BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system. Even users with higher injuries can decide when to use their manual wheelchair and when to attach the Batec.



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