batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

The BATEC HYBRID brings together all the technology of the BATEC ELECTRIC and the BATEC MANUAL in one add-on handbike. So, its electric assist allows you to tackle steep hills at the same speed as someone with no disability would on a bike, making it ideal for group outings.



Its tight turning angle makes it perfect for wandering the streets and enjoying even the shortest trips. It will undoubtedly become your perfect ally in your free time, allowing you to enjoy healthy exercise on forest trails, greenways, towns with limited accessibility, bike paths, etc.


el batec hibrido el handbike acoplabe a silla de ruedas para disfrutar al maximo realizando un saludable ejercicio fisico 01


Plus, the handbike BATEC HYBRID is also available for users with higher injuries affecting their upper and lower limbs. The BATEC QUAD HYBRID wheelchair add-on handbike incorporates the following features designed specifically for quadriplegic users or those with similar injuries:

• Dual back pedal brake with mechanical disc brake that can be activated without removing hands from the pedals.

BATEC SHIFT LEVER, which allows users to easily shift gears without removing hands from the pedals.

BATEC QUAD GRIPS, which provide better hand grip.

BATEC MAGIC LEVER crank arm release system, with assisted starting system so Batec handbike users can enjoy the zero-effort mode.


batec hybrid the wheelchair add on handbike for maximum enjoyment of healthy physical exercise


And all of this, both in the standard and quadriplegic versions, while being able to easily disconnect the Batec add-on handbike and enjoy the comfort of a manual wheelchair in certain situations, like inside a restaurant or at home, thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system. Whenever you want, you can detach the handbike faster than a person with no disabilities can get on or off a bike or motorcycle. Even users with very severe injuries can attach and detach the Batec handbike from their wheelchair on their own.


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