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Last spring, Simon, a paraplegic wheelchair user from London, and his partner decided to join the route a French friend had organised along the West coast of France, specifically the greenway that stretches from Les Landes to Bayonne. Deemed to be one of the most beautiful in France, the greenway passes through the forests of Aquitaine and the sandy beaches of the Atlantic. The latter were precisely what impressed Simon most of all.

The group was made up of six wheelchair user friends and their partners, who followed them in a van and carried the luggage. Give of them rode a competition handbike, while Simon used his BATEC HIBRID, our electrically assisted attachable to wheelchair handbike.


Simon had just bought his BATEC HIBRID, in mid-May and was concerned in case the battery would not last long enough and in case he would not be able to keep up with the pace of his friends riding a competition handbike. In just three days they covered a total of 270 Km and his original concern became the best thing about the trip: “During the stages of the trip I did not need to charge the battery at any time. The BATEC HIBRID allowed me to do stages of 80 to 90 Km per day without setting the assistance at maximum level.” In addition, not having to leave his own wheelchair behind and being able to connect and disconnect the handbike as easily as anyone getting on and off a bike brought him great comfort in his daily needs, such as eating or going to the toilet.

With an incomplete T3 spinal cord injury since the age of 10, for many years Simon has played wheelchair tennis, competing in the Paralympics. When he talks of his experience with the BATEC HIBRID he emphasises a feeling of freedom: “The BATEC HIBRID makes you feel you are riding a bike with your own wheelchair. During this trip, I felt like I did when I rode a bike when I was a young kid”.


Next summer, Simon is planning to visit Barcelona, but also to travel with his wheelchair and his BATEC HIBRID part of the recently inaugurated route that stretches from Luxembourg to Holland: “It’s a total of 1,000 Km, of which I’d only do part, obviously!”

Here were are, Simon, waiting for you to tell us all about it ;-)


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