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Travelling in a wheelchair can be an odyssey if your holiday destination isn't well adapted. Discover three of the best cities for travelling in a wheelchair with these users of our handbikes and get ideas to enjoy a great holiday ofaccessible tourism with no surprises.


Virginia (paraplegic, Madrid) opted for the city of Dublin. And it was an important experience, as it was the first time she'd left the country since she has been in a wheelchair. The destination, however, wasn't new to her, as she lived in the city for a time seven years ago. She was surprised by how accessible Dublin is, because she didn't think about those things when she was living there. As it is very flat, it's easy to get around in a wheelchair and most shops are prepared for people with reduced mobility. Plus, Virginia took her BATEC ELECTRIC handbike, which allowed her to move around the city without having to resort to public transport. "Being able to look up and not have to stare at the ground all the time, keeping an eye out for irregular terrain," she says, "makes you feel safer and more independent." This includes basic things like getting around easily in the Temple Bar area, despite its cobblestones. "The Batec handbike can take on any cobblestone street or pub." 

«Batec handbike makes you feel safer and more independent. Can take on any cobblestone street or pub!»


blog batectravels three accessible destinations to travel with a wheelchair and a handbike



Antxon Arza (paraplegic, Pamplona) took advantage of his holiday to spend three weeks crossing the United States from coast to coast in a van! He covered more than 8,000 kilometres, travelling through all sorts of landscapes and terrains, discovering the beauty of a wide range of places, including Niagara Falls, Chicago, Archies, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Antxon had only been to New York before and this trip gave him an idea of the immensity of the country as a whole. Of all the places he visited, the landscapes at Archies, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon surprised him the most, but he found the two faces of San Francisco, prosperity and poverty, particularly striking.


blog batectravels three accessible destinations to travel with a wheelchair and a handbike


Antxon and his travel companions shot a documentary on their road trip around the United States. We hope to see them in action soon and see Antxon with the pedal to the metal on his BATEC RAPID.



Finally, Oriol (paraplegic, Barcelona) chose the calmest holidays of the three. He went to Sant Antoni de Calonge, one of the most accessible towns on the Costa Brava. Known for being family orientated, Sant Antoni de Calonge is a very comfortable, accessible destination with many options for wheelchair users. Noteworthy attractions include the promenade along the sea, which Oriol covered in total comfort with his BATEC ELECTRIC handbike. And, in addition to his spinal injury, Oriol also has an injury to his right shoulder that limits what he can do. That's why his BATEC handbike has become essential, allowing him to enjoy long walks without pain in his shoulder.

«Batec handbike has become essential for me, allowing me to enjoy long walks without pain in my shoulder»

Sant Antoni also has an accessible beach with beach wheelchairs, a rest area, adapted showers and toilets, and aid service all summer long.


blog batectravels three accessible destinations to travel with a wheelchair and a handbike



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