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Even through Christmas is celebrated around the world and each city has its own traditions, we recommend New York, Amsterdam and London because, thanks to the experience of wheelchair users, we know they are accessible cities full of holiday spirit.


New York

One of the best times to visit New York is during the Christmas holidays, as no expense is spared in celebrating. If you visit the city, don't miss the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, with its ornaments and lights. But most of all, take advantage to go shopping at the city's great department stores, which spend the whole year deciding how to decorate their windows for Shopping Week, with truly impressive results. So much so that it'll be impossible for you to get out of there without buying at least one gift! If you get the chance, take a different trip down to Dyker Heights (Brooklyn). This neighbourhood has the best home Christmas decorations, right out of an American film.

«In New York, don't miss Shopping Week; in London, try wheelchair ice-skating; and in Amsterdam, experience a wild New Year's Eve.»


three accessible destinations for a christmas getaway in a wheelchair



Although all three cities are known for their ice-skating, London is the best option to try it in a wheelchair, with adapted rink in the Tower of London or Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. To ring in the New Year, don't miss the fireworks show at the London Eye. You can also visit the Christmas market at Tate Modern, a great wheelchair friendly Christmas market. Is a must!


three accessible destinations for a christmas getaway in a wheelchair



Lastly if you're more of a party animal, we recommend Amsterdam. You can visit the Christmas markets, canals, hanging houses and coffeeshops by day, then have an unforgettable New Year's Eve, with everything open all night in one of the most fun cities in which to ring in the new year with friends. Additionally, you can experience the city in the most colorful months of the year thanks to the Amsterdam Light Festival takes place.

«All three cities have websites with information about accessibility: New York, London and Amsterdam


three accessible destinations for a christmas getaway in a wheelchair


With our handbikes, the cold, rain and snow are no obstacle to travelling and enjoying the magic of Christmas like a child. 



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