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batec mobility batec handbikes

Maria Andrea is Colombian, but last year she was studying in Costa Rica. In this post she tells us of her adventures in Costa Rica and Panama (a trip she made from Costa Rica) and how the BATEC ELECTRIC she bought precisely for this adventure became her faithful companion. In fact, she and some friends of hers renamed it  the 'Mari-mobile'.

María Andrea wanted to travel outside Colombia with a programme called Global College. With this project in mind, she started to look for “a machine that would improve my mobility so I could enjoy countries that were not very accessible, and that is how I discovered the BATEC ELECTRIC."


Her first adventure with her BATEC ELECTRIC was in Costa Rica where “the streets were even worse than I had imagined” and María Andrea felt the wait for the Batec was never-ending. But she says it was well worth the wait because once it arrived “my Batec and I became inseparable: there was no hole or broken pavement that got in our way. So I renamed it the 'Mari-mobile'! Not even the rain would stop us.” In fact, María Andrea felt so confident with it that once, when it was pouring down with rain and she was leaving the university to go to lunch, lost in her thoughts, “I bumped into someone on the pavement and I fell over into a puddle. I couldn’t stop laughing because I had dropped my lunch, and I went back to the university soaking wet and with an empty stomach..."

Aside from her adventures at university, “thanks to Batec I got to know beautiful places in Costa Rica such as the Poás volcano, the Arenal volcano and the beautiful beaches of the National Park Manuel Antonio”. She also travelled to Panama and Nicaragua, where she visited indigenous communities and did some island-hopping by boat. “I even bungee jumped from a bridge over forty meters high. Although, of course, I left the Batec at the bridge ;-)".

As a tourist destination for people with disabilities, María Andrea says that Costa Rica is an excellent place for those seeking a balanced combination of adventure and relaxation. And she gives us the following practical details:

  1. Taxis 100% accessible and reasonably priced..
  2. Buses are 80% accessible and even cheaper.
  3. Hotels mostly have accessible rooms.
  4. Pavements are mostly in a terrible state but thanks to people’s kind disposition and the Batec, you’ll be ready for adventure!

Lastly, she tells us that “all these destinations would undoubtedly have been very difficult without the help of the BATEC ELECTRIC".

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