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Before the holidays began, we told you about Antxon (paraplegic) successfully reaching halfway along his 3,022 km journey across Europe on his handbike. He is now on the final stretch of his journey, just 10 days from arriving in San Sebastian. Here is a summary of route through Belgium, the United Kingdom and France, the last countries he travelled through to visit initiatives for the Route for Biodiversity: How to look after our homes, one of the activities organised for Donostia 2016.

«On 18 September Antxon will arrive in San Sebastian after finishing a 3,022 km journey on his BATEC RAPID handbike.» 


blog batectravels the final stretch of the 3,022 km wheelchair and handbike challenge


Antxon and his travel companions, Begoña and Aitor, left Rotterdam after finishing one of the most interesting interviews they have conducted so far. The interview was about the work carried out by Koppert, a company that focuses on organic pest control for agriculture using sustainable and innovative techniques with bees, which impressed Antxon and his friends. In the vídeo they made with Iñaki Azcona, a Spanish biologist who is taking part in the project, they will tell you all about it.

«Belgium, the United Kingdom and France: the final stretch of the Route for Biodiversity. How to look after our homes.»


Following this they left for Brussels, where they relaxed, carried out some interviews in the Grote Markt and visited our partner Mobility by Olivier, the official supplier for our handbikes in Belgium. A few days later they caught the ferry to Calais to arrive at their next destination: Dover (United Kingdom).

Their arrival in London was perhaps one of the high points of the route for biodiversity, as hundreds of people were waiting for them to cheer them on for making it so far, as if they were cheering Queen Elizabeth II! While in London they visited the house of the "father" of evolutionary thought, Darwin. While there, Begoña recorded a video explaining the impact that Darwin had on science and biodiversity. Very interesting.


Biziz / DSS2016 / TXITA / London

COPENHAGUE - DONOSTIA // 3.022 KM Londresera sartzen! Entrando a Londres! Entering London! #biziz

Posted by Txita on Friday, August 5, 2016


On the road again, they enjoyed "the prettiest and most enjoyable stretch" of the journey, according to Begoña, between Bath and Glastonbury. They continued on to Plymouth, where they caught a ferry once more, to go to Roscoff (France). Thanks to Begoña's Facebook, where she gives us daily updates on her journey, we can see her visit to organic vineyards in Rostrenen, and relaxing and enjoying the stunning cities of Vannes and Nantes. We are looking forward to seeing her diary for all the initiatives she visited during her journey across the United Kingdom and France.


blog batectravels the final stretch of the 3,022 km wheelchair and handbike challenge  

An interesting fact... isn't it 3,022 kilometres from Copenhagen to San Sebastian? I think the journey for Antxon, Begoña and Aitor between these two cities by bicycle and handbike got a bit out of hand! ; )


blog batectravels the final stretch of the 3,022 km wheelchair and handbike challenge




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