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Òscar, directly connected to the MINI MONSTER team, tells us about his experience at the DAKAR with a BATEC ELECTRIC.

As part of the MINI MONSTER team, Òscar markets the team and its pilots. For the last three years, he has travelled to the DAKAR as part of the team. "His means travelling across South America (Argentina, Chile and Peru) for twenty five days and across approximately 10,000 Km. Not bad at all!"

Last year, "I was lucky enough to have a BATEC ELECTRIC to move around the chaos of the bivouacs. The truth is the BATEC made my life a lot easier!"




Because of the way the DAKAR works, during the different stages, the BATEC was always travelling in one of the auxiliary trucks. "That way, when I completed the road section, they gave me the BATEC and I could move about the stony, sandy bivouacs in comfort and at ease. After my previous experience, this was heaven!" In fact, the team owner, the German Sven Quandt, "would tell me off for going too fast across the paddock and threatened to fine me. It was funny to see his face and that of the team members in awe seeing me whizz past with the BATEC up and down. I never kept still ;-)"

Today, Òscar is anxious to start using his new BATEC ELECTRIC and says that he is proud to see "that the new BATEC incorporates some of the improvements I improvised for my own BATEC at the DAKAR". The fact is, that after three years of DAKAR experience, Òscar says he has become a veritable MacGyver: "just give me a knife, and can unscrew the hinges off doors, especially in hotel bathrooms". Luckily, his new BATEC will make things a lot easier for him.

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