batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


travelling through turkey with a batec handbikeHave you been to Turkey? Alba (paraplegic, Barcelona) had the pleasure of discovering it this summer with her Batec handbike and visiting its most emblematic cities: Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Ephesus, Pamukkale and the Cappadocia region. She came back totally enchanted, with a suitcase full of stories.

blog batectravels greenways vias verdes cyclotourism paths to enjoy your batec handbike to the fullestHave you heard of the Greenways (Vías Verdes)? They are former railway lines that have been reconditioned as paths for cyclotourists. And they’re perfect for those using wheelchairs, handbikes, or on a family trip… Don’t miss out! Pack your rucksack, attach your Batec handbike to your wheelchair and head out to enjoy nature with friends or family.


blog batectravels adapted destinations for all tastes where you can really make the most of your batec handbikeWe all have our own preferences when choosing a holiday destination and, thanks to the fact that the world is becoming more and more accessible every day, travelling with a wheelchair is becoming less difficult as there are a wide variety of tourist destinations for people with physical disabilities. Here’s a selection of cool places for all tastes.

blog batectravels tricks and tips for organising an accessible trip without any unpleasant surprisesThe summer holidays are here! However, people with disabilities don’t have the same margin for spontaneity when planning a trip. We have to make sure our destination is accessible and adapted to our needs. Here at Batec Mobility we have some ideas to help you avoid any unpleasant surprises, as far as possible. 


this summer don't go on holiday without your batec handbikeAre you sure, really sure, that you want to go on holiday without a Batec handbike? Don’t do it! If you have a physical disability and you are a wheelchair user, Batec handbikes will be your best ally for the summer. Make the most of your leisure time and accessible tourist activities this summer with one of our handbikes.


australia the furthest our batec handbikes and batec international team have travelledJordi Vilaseca (paraplegic, Barcelona) began working as the Batec Mobility Export Manager two years ago. Before that, he was a translator. In two years, he has travelled to more than eleven countries to present the Batec handbikes. His most recent trip was to the furthest flung country ever, Australia, to see how Australians react to trying our Batec add-on handbikes.

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