batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


blog batectravels the final stretch of the ,022 km wheelchair and handbike challenge Antxon (paraplegic) is just 10 days away from San Sebastian and the end of his 3022 km trip across Europe in a wheelchair and handbike, as part of the project Route for Biodiversity: How to look after our homes. Find out more about his journey through Belgium, the United Kingdom and France.

blog batectravels antxon paraplegic successfully completes first half of journey through europe with handbikeAs we've been telling you, Antxon (paraplegic, Navarra) is on a 3,022-kilometre journey across Europe with a handbike and wheelchair, travelling from Copenhagen to San Sebastian to document issues associated with biodiversity. They have already successfully completed the first half of their journey and we're here to tell you about it.

blog batectravels accessible cities for people with reduced mobilityWe're still far from universal accessibility, but every day there are new projects aimed at making all countries accessible for people with disabilities. Some users wanted to show us how accessible their cities are using our handbikes. Now we want to share them with you!

blog batectravels 3,000 kilometres with a Batec handbike for biodiversityAntxon Arza (paraplegic, Spain) will travel around Europe with a handbike for three months alongside four other expeditions. With his BATEC ELECTRIC handbike, he will keep a logbook of everything related to biodiversity over the more than 3,000 km that separate Copenhagen from San Sebastian.

blog batectravels exploring bali on a batec handbikeToday´s #BatecTravels experience comes from Simon (paraplegic, England), who travelled around the paradisical island of Bali in Indonesia for three weeks together with his wife and daughter. His Batec handbike was essential to get around the island on this unforgettable trip.


blog batectravels porto with an add on handbike who said hillsJosé Manuel (quadriplegic, Spain), president of Aspaym Castilla y León, has visited much of Portugal in his time with a spinal injury. He recently went to Porto with one of our handbikes and easily charged up the steep hills and over the cobblestones to enjoy everything the city has to offer.


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