batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

bateclifestyle-batec-and-fallasAlthough she says “I like everything about the Fallas: the monuments, the music, the smell of powder, everything”, in 1992, when Chus had the accident where she suffered a spinal injury (D8-D9) she left the Falla Commission she was part of.

She had been a fallera ever since she remembered, and even so, she confesses: “it took me many years to sign up to be part of a Falla again”. It was four years ago, in the Falla of the neighbourhood she had moved to when she got married.


The Valencian Comisiones Falleras or Fallas are neighbour associations that organise the festivity of the Fallas (week of 19th of March) in their neighbourhood. The members are called falleros and falleras and during the rest of the year, the festivities of the neighbourhood are organised around the Falla. In her latest experience as a member of a Falla, Chus has been part of the Board of Directors, “and I have really enjoyed this part of things: to be able to form part of the group that “makes” the festivity and ensures that everything works is just brilliant”. She also tells us that she loves “taking part in the cavalcades, dressing up and presenting events such as the “Presentation”, which is one of the most important events of the year. And of course, taking part in the parade.




“At the beginning I was lucky enough to be able to borrow an electric wheelchair so I could take part in the parade with the rest of the Falla members, as my village has lots of slopes and it is quite difficult to go around “manually” without any help. But she didn’t like to have to borrow it every year. Now with the BATEC ELECTRIC, “everything has changed". Firstly, because she no longer depends on other people’s favours, as she uses the Batec all year round, but also because “it is faster and easier to handle, so it is much more fun to take part in the choreographies with my friends at the parade”. The only difficulty she finds is that she has to be extra careful with her skirt and the shawl, which can get caught, plus the fact that it’s difficult to appreciate the dress in full, as the Batec covers part of it. “But independence is more important that any of that”, she says.

Chus’ son, with whom she shared a fun photo session in the 2013 Fallas, also loves taking part in the party, although as to the parade, “if it’s very long, he’s not so keen” ;-)

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