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The 14th of February is Valentine's Day. You just have to look round to see that love knows no physical barriers and we can find beautiful stories of people with disabilities that are perfect for telling on the most romantic day of the year.

María Ángeles Pozuelo, psychologist at the National Paraplegia Hospital in Toledo and author of the blog Afrontando la lesión medular (Facing a spinal injury), has been working at the centre for twenty-seven years and treating couples in the early stages of a spinal injury. "People think most relationships break up after the injury, attributing this to the wheelchair. However the break-up isn't always due to the injury/side effects, but to the level of commitment and the quality of the relationship before the accident." Fortunately, many couples stay together after a disability, becoming even closer. 


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When this isn't the case, "it's never a good time to end a relationship and even less for the person who has been injured, who has to face two significant losses." Nevertheless, break-ups lead to new relationships that sometimes seem like they're straight out of a romance film. This is the case of Elena (quadriplegic, Malaga) and Manu. He was Elena's physical therapist while she was in the hospital. Over this time, Elena got divorced, but forged a strong bond with Manu. They are now a couple and she has recovered quite well from her myelitis. In the end, Manu also "rehabilitated" her heart ;-)


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Day-to-day activities, hobbies or unexpected situations can also lead you to your soulmate. Montse (paraplegic, Barcelona) met her current partner Manolo at a party thrown by one of the people in her theatre group. One year later, Manolo was a regular at their rehearsals and the feeling between them became increasingly clear. One night they went out to dinner and Cupid's arrow did its magic. "That was four and a half years ago and we're still together and as excited as the first day."

If you want to do something special for Valentine's Day, you can go out for dinner or take a romantic getaway with your partner to Paris, the city of love, or Saint-Émilion, in Bordeaux. That's how Òscar Lanza (paraplegic, Andorra) celebrated it, and he sent us some beautiful and fun pictures of him with his girlfriend on his knees. We love seeing our handbikes being used as "vehicles of love".


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As María Ángeles Pozuelo says, "With love, there are no barriers, and with love, life is a smooth ride."



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