batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

"The first thing I did with my new Batec was to go for a weekend with some friends to a holiday house in the countryside. I was nervous and excited. It was my first time, and a real baptism of fire, as we were going to one of my favourite spots, the Costa Brava." This is how Jordi starts the story of his first experience with his BATEC ELECTRIC. An experience which, far from disappointing him, led him to an emphatic conclusion: "Put a Batec in your life".



The first thing that surprised Jordi was how easy it was to put in and take out the Batec from the car boot – "by then I already suspected that an exciting weekend lay ahead". Then, during the weekend, he went on routes along the dirt paths surrounding the house, and was able to really enjoy them, as "I didn't have to be checking the ground constantly to make sure I wasn't going to trip on a stone, or to see whether the ground was tarmacked". At Sant Martí d'Empúries and l'Escala he managed to cover 25 km, including some serious slopes which "I was able to overcome without any problems thanks to the Batec". He even went as far as going to sandy beach areas, to see what his new Batec could do, and “that is where I was absolutely amazed to see what Batec offered as an accessory to my wheelchair".

In total, over the weekend he covered more than 50 km. along dirt paths, coast paths, promenades and cobbled streets, enjoying wonderful moments of relaxation, and having exceeded all expectations.

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