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The Scottish Women Warriors wheelchair basketball team has only been around for 18 months, but they've been a great discovery here at Batec Mobility: We love them! 


basketball women inclusive team electric power add-on wheelchair attachment


These women, aged 18 to 68, get together once a week to train and have fun. "The philosophy of our basketball club is about what you can do - not about what you can't do", says Annemarie, the founder of the team who has been suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) for 15 years but a wheelchair user for 3 years. "We stay positive and encourage and support each other. It is more than just playing basketball. We are all good friends and care about each other and the personal challenges we each face and so we inspire each other."

«We believe that everyone one of us women is a warrior in our own way: our experience, our courage and our challenges but we do work together to find solutions.»


basketball women inclusive team electric power add-on wheelchair attachment

They got the idea to start a team during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. "Inspired me to do something about it along with another woman. Playing team sport is one of my very favourite things but since having MS and the mobility challenges it has given me made it difficult and I hadn't done any for a number of years." Faced with this situation, Annemarie found that wheelchair basketball was the perfect solution to get her back into sports. This team sport allows women with different injuries, illnesses or conditions like hers to get together and do sport, as well as playing with people without disabilities.

The Scottish Women Warriors started off as a small team, with only five members, but in recent months they have grown exponentially and now have thirty-two players... and still counting! Over their short history, they've managed to raise funds through subsidies, awards and sponsors who believe in them and their inclusive project. "Many of the women play for fun, for leisure and as an activity, while others play competitively. Its important we balance this and people can choose to play at whatever level they like. Those of us who want to play competitively play in the Women's Wheelchair Basketball League and various other tournaments as the opportunities arise."

Users of our handbikes, the Women Warriors Wheelchair Basketball team travelled around the city of Millport with their respective BATEC ELECTRIC handbikes.


basketball women inclusive team electric power add-on wheelchair attachment


The Women Warriors Wheelchair Basketball team members use our handbikes. Specifically, five BATEC ELECTRIC handbikes, which they used to get around the Island of Millport accompanied by people without disabilities cycling this past August. They say it was a very fun experience that made them feel active and free. They were so happy they're planning a new outing to raise more funds to carry on with their basketball team.

Annemarie has a message for any girls interested in joining the club: "You are all welcome. We train on Mondays from 7 pm to 9 pm at Jordanhill School Games Hall. We can be contacted on 0794 832 3380"



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