batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


blog bateclifestyle adaptive alpine skiing for people with disabilitiesNowadays it is possible for people with disabilities to do adaptive skiing thanks to ski stations worldwide that are prepared to receive people with all sorts of functional diversity. Some of the best-adapted are: La Molina (Spain), La Plagne (France) and Falls Creek (Australia).


blog bateclifestyle the magic kings are coming for the most magical night of the yearThe Magic Kings are coming! This is one of the most endearing traditions in Spain, thanks to the magic that surrounds it and the excitement of children and the young at heart. On 5 January, we have the parades, and then Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar work into the wee hours delivering gifts to every home to be opened on 6 January.

de compras navidenas en silla de ruedasGoing Christmas shopping in a wheelchair can be a real crusade. With our handbikes you don't have to give up your plans: you can enjoy shopping comfortably and easily. We've already gone out and recorded this short video. And you? Have you finished your shopping yet?


poliomyelitis and post polio syndrome in spainPoliomyelitis shook the youth population of Spain between 1956 and 1963. It affected 12,000 children, causing serious physical disabilities and many deaths. This could have been avoided if the Franco regime had taken action. The consequences of this negligence are still felt today.


working with a serious disabilityMany different things motivate people with a serious disability to work. Financial need, vocation and the need to feel useful are just some of them. Plus, they contribute to society and help normalise the figure of people with disabilities in the workforce.


nine batec handbikes travel 200 miles to fight cancerIn October, our partner in the United Kingdom, Cyclone Technologies, loaned out nine of our handbikes and wheelchairs for a charity challenge to fight cancer: travelling 200 miles in a wheelchair with an add-on handbike from Hull to Manchester over five days.


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