batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


models in wheelchairs break traditional stereotypes of beautyYou rarely see runway models or mannequins in wheelchairs. Some actions carried out in various countries in recent years have aimed to make us more aware of the prejudices we still have in this regard.



insidebatec la vida en silla de ruedas y batec a traves de los ojos de virginia autora del blog viviendo rodando 1We discovered many wonderful things in 2014, one of which was Virginia's blog "Viviendo Rodando". Virginia shares her experiences living with a spinal-cord injury and how she's discovered a new way to cope with the obstacles, experiences, surprises, some moments of happiness and a different way of doing things.


quad-rugbyAspaym Catalunya has created Quadrigas, the first Catalan Quad Rugby team. This highly competitive contact sport is designed specifically for people with quadriplegia. Did anyone really think it wasn’t possible?


bateclifestyle-batec-and-runningIt's official, running has become trendy. As disabled people we are no strangers to trends, and running is a sport that you can practice even on a wheelchair.

bateclifestyle-batec-and-fallasChus (Valencia) has been a fallera since she was a child and she loves the Fallas. In order to be able to take part in full in her Falla, she would ask to borrow an electric wheelchair. Since 2013, however, she goes to the parade with her BATEC ELECTRIC, which allows her to move about more independently. her BATEC ELECTRIC, which allows her to move about more independently.

bateclifestyle-ponte-comodoOne of the main advantatges of the Batecs is the remarkable ease with which users can attach and detach the device from their wheelchair.

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