batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

BATEC EXCURSION 2 is the front rucksack for your Batec handbike: not only can it carry anything you need, it also gives you additional traction. The rucksack includes the BATEC PORTA luggage rack, which can also be used as a luggage rack on its own capable of supporting up to 10 kg of weight.




The BATEC EXCURSION 2 rucksack has three pockets specifically designed to hold the battery, charger and a bottle. Plus, of course, it also has loads of space for anything else you want to carry. The closure system is designed so that any user, even one with a serious disability, can use it without help from the wheelchair. The rucksack is waterproof, protecting whatever you carry from the rain and inclement weather.

Remember that extra weight on the front of the Batec handbike gives you greater traction, especially on irregular terrain and hills.


You must have the BATEC ACOPLA support. Check compatibility for the BATEC ACOPLA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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