batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

spinergy-logoSpinergy manufactures the most technologically advanced wheelchair wheels. In recent years it has become practically a standard for equipping ultralight wheelchairs and high-end sport wheelchairs. There are a wide range of sizes and colours.





Get top performance every time you use your wheelchair with the Spinergy XLX (Light Extreme X-Laced) wheels with 12 crossed spokes. With an innovative look, thanks to intense testing these wheelchair wheels are unique and highly durable, even in extreme situations, without increasing the total weight. They’re available in the following combinations:

  • Aluminium-colour hub with black spokes (24")
  • Black hub with red and black spokes (24")
  • Black hub with white and black spokes (24")

All Spinergy wheels come standard with Marathon Plus tyres and aluminium rims. They can also be special ordered with CarboLife Gekko L rims (for paraplegics) or CarboLife Curve Grip L rims (for quadriplegics).

Subject to typographical errors or manufacturer changes without prior notice.


accesorios ruedas sillas ruedas spinergy tecnologia pbo  


PBO technology

What makes Spinergy wheels so light and strong is their exclusive PBO technology for flexible spokes.

ruedas para silla de ruedas spinergy buje xlx  

XLX hub

Improved design makes them more durable and lightweight.

Subject to typographical errors or manufacturer changes without prior notice.

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