49 Bespoke

49 Bespoke Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2002. We chose to use the numbers 4 and 9 with the English term for custom-made (Bespoke) and to add the legal incorporated requirement. The significance of the 4 and 9 relate to Reg McClellan’s privilege to have worn the number 4 for over 20 years on the men’s national wheelchair basketball team, and an honour that his partner, Chantal Benoit shares having wore the number 9 on the women’s national team for 27 years.

We have a number of the new Batec units in stock now and available for testing in the GTA at our Concord facility.

We are working on establishing a network of certified technicians across the country, and we welcome inquiries.

Furthermore, we feel these units are exceptional because of the commitment to manufacturing with quality parts from the bicycle and aircraft industries. Their patent pending products and principle of universal design meets the needs of all users C6 and below, and are compatible with 95% of chairs on the market.

Batec Mobility is the only company with Easy-Fix and fast anchoring system; they have a Docking-Bar rigid and folding frame chairs, an Easy-Fit regulation system, and a Safe-feet standing frame which all add to the easy set up and easy on and off system. The Gas & Brake handlebar without levers, Quad Grips, Shift Lever allowing a person to easily engage without moving the hands from the pedals on the manual and hybrid, and the Magic Lever crank arm release system provides an assisted start. So Batec users can enjoy the zero effort mode when they choose. When you combine all of these features with the Class 1 Medical Device designation, we have a complete package of add on power products that will enhance the lives of many!