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We've updated the original Batec with the latest Batec handbike technology: reverse gear and LCD all-in-one display panel. The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 is the perfect balance, with an 18" wheel and exclusive tyre just for this model: wider with ultra-grip. It is perfect for use in urban areas or the countryside.


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History of the BATEC ELECTRIC 2

The first Batec designed by Pau Bach (CEO and inventor of the Batec) 12 years ago had a 16" wheel. For the model launched in 2008, he opted for a 20" wheel, as this size made it easier to navigate off-road obstacles and there were better tyres on the market in this size.


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Pau Bach, CEO and inventor of the Batec, from the first prototype with a 16" wheel to the model 2014 with a 20" wheel.

The new BATEC ELECTRIC 2 features an 18" tyre manufactured specially for Batec that has the best of both sizes: it is compact enough for urban use and offers great stability for rural areas.


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Characteristics of the BATEC ELECTRIC 2

The new BATEC ELECTRIC 2 features an 18" tyre manufactured specially for Batec. This wider, ultra-grip tyre is more compact, just the right size for use in urban and rural areas with the utmost safety and driving comfort. It also comes standard with the new Batec electronics: reverse gear, gentle start, LCD all-in-one display panel, horn and high and low beams. With its more rigid fork and stem, we get a folding handlebar, to a 90° angle, without removing the battery. This makes it easier to move and takes up less space. It also has levers with a parking brake, perfect for parking on an incline and making it even easier to anchor your Batec on this type of terrain. Plus, it has a top speed of 25 km/h.


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 18" wider and ultra-grip tyre more compact.  Parking brake.
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LCD screen with all the commands in the handlebar.   Folding system for transport.


Differences between the BATEC ELECTRIC 2, BATEC ELECTRIC and BATEC MINI  

The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 is shorter overall than the previous generation, the BATEC ELECTRIC, making it smaller overall. In addition to the folding handlebar, this makes it easier to put in the boot of a car and to store. Plus, the top speed for this model is 5 km/h faster than the previous version.

The standard QR weights on the BATEC ELECTRIC 2 improve traction. These aren't standard on the BATEC MINI but are an optional feature if you would like to add them. As it has a bigger wheel than the BATEC MINI, this new model is more stable and more versatile on both urban and uneven terrain.


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Request more information

The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 is currently being manufactured. If you would like more information, a price quote or to try it out with no commitment, just click here




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