Explore our wide variety of electric handbikes. Each one is tailored to your needs.

Mini 2

The maximum expression of you.
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Electric 2

The perfect balance
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Rapid 2

Break through your limits
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Scrambler 2

Adventure is everywhere
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Hibrid 2

Physical exercise for everyone
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Anchor your handbike in seconds.

Turn your manual wheelchair into an electric one in under three seconds. Thanks to the Batec Easy-Fix anchoring system, you can easily turn your manual wheelchair into an electric one.
Anchor your handbike in seconds.

Batec handbikes adapt to you.

At Batec Mobility, we are clear on what a handbike must be, and it must adapt to your needs, so you don’t have to adapt to the product. Our team works to design handbikes that adapt to the needs of each user. We have handlebars for hemiplegic, quadriplegic and paraplegic users, the option of a high handlebar and, across the entire range and with assistance from our specialists, the option to adjust the depth and height of the handbike for a customised fit.