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batec mobility batec handbikes

We’ve reinvented the BATEC RAPID. The 48-V, 1300-W system gives unparalleled power and a top speed of 30 km/h (*). Its premium equipment and an exclusive graphite grey body with red accents make BATEC RAPID 2 the perfect handbike for motorbike-lovers with power, speed, size and agility, all in one.

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Specifications of the BATEC RAPID 2

«The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 took the baton from our original saga of handbikes and is the most balanced in the line. From here, developing a special edition in the historic BATEC RAPID line was an idea that came naturally. And this is how we came up with the limited special edition BATEC RAPID 2.

To do so, we’ve taken advantage of the motor, battery and brake technology developed for the BATEC SCRAMBLER and put it on a Batec the size of the ELECTRIC 2. The result is a product with all the power of the SCRAMBLER and the agility of the ELECTRIC 2.

Never before has so much power come in such a small package!»

Pau Bach - CEO, Batec Mobility

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The BATEC RAPID 2 comes in graphite grey with red accents, giving it a different, elegant touch. This handbike has the 300-rpm high-performance brushless motor from the BATEC SCRAMBLER and its 48-V – 678-Wh battery (*), with an optional travel battery that complies with IATA rules and can be taken on the plane. This change means you can go up to 30 km/h with a much smaller Batec, with an 18” wheel.

The new BATEC RAPID 2 comes standard with Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, Avid Speed Dial levers and a 180-mm Galfer Wave floating rotor disc. Plus, all the latest-generation Batec technology: all-in-one LCD screen, reverse gear, the removable QR weights from the BATEC SCRAMBLER and the practical BATEC ASA handle to easily move the Batec around.

(*) Battery exclusively for BATEC SCRAMBLER and BATEC RAPID 2

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 1200-W motor

Exclusive 48-V – 678-Wh battery with the option
to use a 36/48-V – 280-Wh travel battery
that complies with IATA rules and can be
taken on the plane
Graphite grey with red accents

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Matte black aluminium handlebar Avid BB7 mechanical brakes /
180-mm Galfer wave floating rotor disc


First reactions 

To test this model, we were lucky enough to have Óscar Lanza, former SuperCross driver and user of one of the first BATEC RAPID handbikes, in green. The bar was set high and we knew he was going to be quite demanding, especially since he has used his BATEC RAPID all over the world, including at the Dakar. His response was very positive:


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« After using the green BATEC RAPID all over the world for over four years, the smaller size is a plus for travelling with this latest-generation BATEC RAPID 2.

Plus, now it not only has spectacular speed, but also unparalleled power, which means you can keep enjoying speed to the fullest, combined with great performance: perfect for combining city, countryside and travel.»

Òscar Lanza - Batec Rapid user 


Learn more about the BATEC RAPID 2

If you’re interested in the BATEC RAPID 2, want to try it out or get more information, contact us here:



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