batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

After months of uncertainty, the time is slowly approaching when we can leave the house more often and get back to what we call the new normality. The Covid-19 pandemic will surely mark 2020 around the world, and has completely turned our daily life on its head. For wheelchair users, getting out of the house safely is a new challenge we have to face.

desconfinamiento seguro con tu batec nueva normalidad

 Photo: @marzena.gawrijalek

For many, this lockdown has been not the first but one of a series of times we have been shut in for weeks on end. But this time the reasons were very different. And getting out of the house again will be, like always, a challenge. Now with greater risk, as we are more vulnerable due to the conditions arising from our injury or illness.

It is absolutely essential to follow the preventive measures established by authorities in each country, such as handwashing protocols, wearing masks and social distancing. Plus, using self-propelling devices on our wheelchairs, like the Batec, helps keep users safer. From Batec Mobility, we have an infographic for you with useful ideas on how your Batec can help you these days.

new normality security batec mobility



Some of our users have shared their experience of going out again after so many days stuck inside.

nueva realidad batec mobilityPhoto: @thundercatfpv

 new normal batec mobilityPhoto: Francisco Zuasti

new normal batec mobilityPhoto: @enbuscadelaccesibilidad

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