batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

When you need a wheelchair to get around, you realise how hard they make things. You start missing the ability to walk or run. To take the stairs or wander the streets calmly, and you end up getting frustrated. Because, unfortunately for us, the world isn’t made for people with reduced mobility and we end up with that horrible-sounding label, ‘disabled’, when in reality it’s our environment that doesn’t adapt to us.

This need to feel independent, free and able again was what gave rise to electric devices for wheelchairs. They are add-on handbikes for manual wheelchairs, so in just seconds that reduced mobility becomes augmented mobility. There are many brands and models, but what really matters is how important these devices are for people in wheelchairs. Because they not only help you get around, they make you feel more part of society and help you regain your confidence to go out alone without worrying about the barriers you may encounter. They let us go from being helped to helping.


mobility device for wheelchairs batec mobility

Photo: Claudia from IG @enbuscadelaccesibilidad

These devices spark what we call the ‘triple smile’: the user smiles thanks to their augmented mobility, their family smiles when they see how independent they are and, finally, people around them smile because it’s nearly impossible not to when you see them out and about with their wheelchair and handbike.

There will always be difficulties. Every outing, trip or meet-up with friends is a new challenge, but full inclusiveness is still a long way off and wheelchair add-on electric devices provide an oasis of comfort in your day-to-day life that will make the road quite a bit easier. And we mean road both literally and figuratively. There'll be no terrain you can’t handle!


Article written to TodoDisca by The Batec Mobility team.


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