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batec mobility batec handbikes

In recent years, the European Commission has given out the Access Cities Awards in recognition of efforts to make cities for everyone. Some of the cities that have received this recognition as the most accessible for people with disabilities include Berlin (Germany), Borås (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Milan (Italy), which is the latest to receive this award.

However, we're still far from universal accessibility. At Accesibilidad Global they explain, "The European concept conceives of accessibility as a quality of the city as a whole and not only its physical space." This means the city must be careful that services and new transport connections don't become additional barriers. New projects come up every day trying to eradicate these problems. The Periódico de La Ciudad Accesible (Accessible City Newspaper) shares the most significant advances working towards creating a functional city.

«Accessibility isn't just ramps and large toilets. The city has to be a place to live in and not a place that constantly reminds you of your disability.»


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Users of our handbikes have recorded videos in London and Toulouse, very cosmopolitan cities that are also highly accessible. These include videos from Kat (paraplegic, France), Sophie (paraplegic, London) and the guys from Cyclone Technologies, our partner in the United Kingdom.

Kat, a member of the French electro-pop band Katcross, participated in the accessibility campaigns in Toulouse with her Batec handbike. The city received an honourable mention from the European Commission for its work in this area.


Sophie Morgan, presenter and model, made these fantastic reports on accessibility in the London public transport system. She demonstrated this travelling with her BATEC ELECTRIC handbike and making several transfers before reaching her destination.


Cyclone Technologies, our partner in the United Kingdom, also contributed their grain of sand with this original video of their visit to London. They go almost everywhere in the city with our handbikes on the night of St. Patrick's... And as you can see they had a great time!



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