batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes

Here at Batec Mobility, we are working to ensure that Batecs are fitted to our users and not the other way round. For this reason, we take various aspects into consideration when it comes to designing and improving our products:

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No two injuries are alike and, as such, each person retains different capacities. As such, we offer three types of handlebar to ensure that users can drive their Batec in the best way possible:

  • Standard handlebar: The perfect handlebar for those who still have full functionality in their upper limbs.
  • Handlebar for quadriplegics: Designed for injuries that affect the upper limbs. Thanks to GAS&BRAKE technology without levers for quadriplegics, users can drive by accelerating and braking with gentle movements of the handlebar.
  • Handlebar for hemiplegics: with Monolever brakes, accelerator and the option to drive your Batec with the left or right side of your body, this handlebar is designed so that hemiplegic people can also drive a Batec.

manillares batec estandar tetra hemiStandard handlebar, handlebar for quadriplegics and handlebar for hemiplegics.



When designing it, regulations and adjustments were made to ensure that the Batec is the best fit possible for each person, bearing in mind the user’s level of mobility, type of disability and height.

  • Adjusting the height of the handlebar: With the Batec attached, adjust the height of the stem with the Quick Release lever.
  • Adjusting the height of the handlebar for taller users: Optionally, you can order a taller handlebar for users who, due to their height, need the handlebar to be higher up to ensure that their knees don’t hit it when steering.

    blog ajustes manillares altosHandlebar for taller users.
  • Adjusting the tilt of the stem: With the Batec attached, adjust the tilt of the Batec stem in order to adapt the handlebar to the user’s arm length using the screws indicated.
  • Adjusting the distance between the Batec and the wheelchair: With the Batec attached, you can adjust the distance between the Batec and the wheelchair to reduce the distance between the stand frame and the feet.




Apart from the aforementioned adjustments, there are different default or optional adjustments exclusively through Batec to make the user experience even more comfortable:

  • Standard stand frame: Designed to protect users’ feet when driving, but also to keep it at the ideal height when detaching it from you wheelchair. What’s more, it also includes two red LED lights on the edges so that you are visible from behind when driving at night.
  • Stand frame with suspension: With the same features as the previous frame, this stand frame is optional on all models and comes standard with the BATEC SCRAMBLER. This is an articulated stand frame with suspension to overcome obstacles on bumpy terrains. What’s more, it also includes two red LED lights on the edges so that you are visible from behind when driving at night.


  • Removable right dropout: Designed so that the user can change the tyre or the inner tube themselves (or so that a non-specialist mechanic can do so easily), the latest Batec models include a removable right dropout that makes the operation possible.

  • BATEC ACOPLA: Support allows you to use accessories with our handbikes. For example, the BATEC EXCURSION 2 front rucksack or th 4-kg front weight.

  • BATEC EXCURSION 2 front rucksack: not only can it carry anything you need, it also gives you additional traction. The rucksack includes the BATEC PORTA luggage rack, which can also be used as a luggage rack on its own capable of supporting up to 10 kg of weight.

  • Side weights and 4-kg front weight: Some Batec models are already kitted out with two weights to improve traction. The weights are located on the fork, one on each side. Each one weights 2.4 kg. To make it easier to transport the Batec, they are removable. For models that do not have side weights (BATEC MINI and BATEC MINI 2), or to add more weight to models that already have them, there is also the option of the 4-kg front weight that can be attached to the Batec Acopla.


  • BATEC RODES off-road wheels: Equip your wheelchair with these off-road wheels to comfortably travel over irregular surfaces. The exclusive spreader system gives you a wider base for extra stability and safety.

  • The BATEC WHEELS BAG: For 24" to 26" wheels has a pocket specially designed to axles, as well as the wheels. You can easily carry your wheels wherever you need to.

  • BATEC BOSSA rucksack: Designed specifically for wheelchair users. It has a large capacity and three pockets, but isn't bulky when empty. The BATEC BOSSA rucksack can be hung from the grips or the backrest of the user's wheelchair. In theory, it is compatible with all wheelchairs.

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  • Batec Cincha and Batec Rings: These are optional items when you order your Batec that are designed to easily get your Batec into a car using a hoist. BATEC CINCHA and BATEC RINGS lift the Batec from specific points to keep it balanced in the air. This make it possible even for users with severe injuries, such as quadriplegia, to use and move the Batec when it is suspended in the air.

  • Batec ASA: This ASA handle is optional when you buy your BATEC MINI or BATEC MINI 2 and is designed to make it easier to lift and transport your Batec.



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  • 280-Wh travel battery: The 280 Wh battery complies with IATA regulations for air transport of batteries in mobility devices. With the certification to fly, you can take it in the cabin.

  • 522 Wh high-capacity battery: The 522 Wh high-capacity battery will allow you to do many more kilometres than any other battery without recharging using electric propulsion on your Batec. Compatible with all Batec handbike models except BATEC SCRAMBLER.

  • 678 Wh high-capacity battery: The 678 Wh high-capacity battery will allow you to do many more kilometres than any other battery without recharging using electric propulsion on your BATEC SCRAMBLER.

NOTES BATTERY 36 V 280 Wh: Can’t be chosen as the main battery. 36 V battery with connector only suitable for use with the BATEC SCRAMBLER. Delivered with charger. Limits the performance of the BATEC SCRAMBLER as it is only 36 V.

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