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April was loaded with fairs... but May wasn't far behind! DenmarkAustraliaCanada, the NetherlandsItaly and the United Kingdom were some of the countries where our handbikes were on display last month alongside our partners at each fair. Plus, we'll tell you how it went at the fair in France in June. Here we go!

Let's start with Health & Rehab, the fair held in Denmark that brought us a pleasant surprise: our handbikes came in second in the "best product of the year" category! We're very proud of this recognition. Plus, it was a very fun fair and the Wolturnus booth had loads of visitors.

«Batec handbikes came in second in the 'best product of the year' category at the Health&Rehab fair.»


blog batecevents with may nearly down fairs all around


While GMS Rehabilitation, one of our partners in Australia, took the Batec handbikes to the ATSA Independent Living Expo; the International Batec Team went to Bologna (Italy) to attend an event organised by Ottobock Italia and participate in the Skarrozzata. At this fun open-air event, we accompanied users interested in taking to the streets of Bologna with our electric and manual add-ons for wheelchairs



Support Beurs was our next stop. A four-day fair we attended with our partner Mobility Products. Loads of users came by the booth, particularly interested in the BATEC HYBRID handbike. Because the Netherlands is the land of cycling... and that interest can be seen in the handbikes they choose.

People in Motion, the Canadian fair we attended with the guys from 49 Bespoke, had loads of visitors and touching moments. We met Helena (paraplegic, Korea), who is a photographer and user of the BATEC PURPLE handbike, and helped us explain how the Batec handbikes work. Thanks for your help and friendship Helena!

Cyclone Technologies took our handbikes to the Silverstone racetrack for the Mobility Roadshow (United Kingdom) and did their own "Fast&Furious" with all the users interested in trying. Gassss!

«Our handbikes took to the streets of Bologna and the BATEC HYBRID handbike was a winner in the Netherlands.»


blog batecevents with may nearly down fairs all around


Finally, in June we were very excited to go to our first fair with our new partner in France, Elisée Médicall, at the Salon Autonomic Paris. The event was very busy and we had the chance to meet Raphael (quadriplegic, France), who gave us some of his original "Paranormal" t-shirts we now wear to the office. Don't they look good on us? Raphael even joined in on our now-famous Batec-Conga.

«Fun, gifts and loads of gas at the fairs in Canada, France and the United Kingdom.»


blog batecevents with may nearly down fairs all around



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