batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


car wheelchair or batec handbike how do you get aroundGetting around a city, whether large or small, when you have a physical disability and you are a wheelchair user can be an arduous task. This article features an interesting video comparing three ways of doing so in Mexico City: with a wheelchair, by car and with a Batec handbike attached to the wheelchair. Which option would you choose?


click go concurso internacional de videos 6 de febrero 31 de mayo de 2015Our international contest for videos of our users attaching and detaching one of our handbikes to their wheelchair has officially come to a close and we now have the winner of a set of BATEC RODES off-road wheels. The grand final was a close race, as all five finalists were very, very original.


australia the furthest our batec handbikes and batec international team have travelledJordi Vilaseca (paraplegic, Barcelona) began working as the Batec Mobility Export Manager two years ago. Before that, he was a translator. In two years, he has travelled to more than eleven countries to present the Batec handbikes. His most recent trip was to the furthest flung country ever, Australia, to see how Australians react to trying our Batec add-on handbikes.

get your chairs ready and shine those wheels who dares try out a disabilityIn May we participated in our first Skarrozzata with the Italian distributor of Batec handbikes, Ottobock Italia. Skarrozzata is a cultural movement that has been held for the past four years on the streets of Bologna and aims to raise awareness of what it means to be in a wheelchair.


i ve been born three times and in this third life i want to bring the batec handbikes to all of my peoplePassionate about all sorts of sports, Arly Velásquez (paraplegic, Mexico) is among the top fifteen Paralympic athletes in the world in para-alpine skiing. After doing 700 km in just a few months with his BATEC ELECTRIC handbike, he’s just taken the leap and got the new BATEC RAPID. We can't wait to hear what he does with it!


blog batecservice batec handbikes now available throughout italy through otto bock italia 00If you want to broaden your mobility with one of our handbikes, don't hesitate to contact Ottobock Italia, our official partner in Italy. You can test-drive one of our Batec powered add-ons for wheelchairs with absolutely no obligation! Enter and find your closest orthoshop.

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