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batec hybrid the wheelchair add on handbike for maximum enjoyment of healthy physical exerciseThe BATEC HYBRID is our electrically assisted wheelchair add-on handbike. A unique product that allows you to make the most of your free time doing healthy physical exercise.



theatre in a wheelchair more than a hobby a passionMontse (paraplegic, Barcelona) is passionate about theatre, a hobby she got into as a result of the accident that left her in a wheelchair and that she considers a therapeutic, liberating exercise. Plus, she’s the person behind telephone customer care at Batec Mobility.



click go concurso internacional de videos 6 de febrero 31 de mayo de 2015 2The third month of the Click & Go! international video contest connecting and/or disconnecting one of our handbikes Batec is now over and we have the winner for April. Competition was particularly fierce this month, as several videos stood out for their originality, which is what we value most in choosing a winner.

blog bateclifestyle prueba superada 100 km en 22 horas en silla de ruedas y handbike batec trailwalker2015Fran (tetraplegic, Jerez), Miguel (paraplegic, Barcelona) and Andrés (paraplegic, Baena) made it through the 100 kilometres of Trailwalker 2015 with their wheelchairs and Batec handbikes in 22 hours and 50 minutes. For all three of them, the experience was exciting, very difficult and, above all, unique in terms of team spirit.

joan jumbo lascorz first quadriplegic rallyes racerJoan Lascorz had a brilliant career in front of him as a Superbike racer when, in 2012, he had an accident at the Italian racetrack of Imola leaving him quadriplegic from the C6 vertebrae. Had? Since he became the first quadriplegic racer to compete in an official event, Joan Lascorz has shown us that he has many pages left to write in the history of motorsports.

blog bateclifestyle quads challenge 100 km in under 32 hours with an add on handbike for tetraplegicsFrancisco Zuasti (tetraplegic) is participating in TRAILWALKER 2015 on 18 and 19 April, covering the 100 kilometers between Olot and Sant Feliu de Guixols with our BATEC QUAD HYBRID add-on handbike. The challenge: to do it in under 32 hours.

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