batec mobility batec handbikes

batec mobility batec handbikes


click go international video competition 5th february 31st may 2015Enter a video of you connecting or disconnecting your Batec and win prizes valued between €90 and €360!



insidebatec la vida en silla de ruedas y batec a traves de los ojos de virginia autora del blog viviendo rodando 1We discovered many wonderful things in 2014, one of which was Virginia's blog "Viviendo Rodando". Virginia shares her experiences living with a spinal-cord injury and how she's discovered a new way to cope with the obstacles, experiences, surprises, some moments of happiness and a different way of doing things.


blog batecservice one year selling batec handbikes in belgium with mobility by olivier 0One-year anniversary working with our first distributor, Mobility by Olivier



oscar lanza silla de ruedas batec rapid edition dakar 2015The Dakar 2015 is taking place this year from January 4th to 17th, departing from Argentina and crossing Chile and Bolivia, over more than 9.000 km of roads, trails and dunes.



entrega rapid edition smallLast Friday we handed Joan Lascorz and Óscar Lanza the first two units of the BATEC ELECTRIC RAPID EDITION. From the very first moment this pair of stars put their new Batec to the test.


blog batechandbikes wheelchair with welded batec handbikes anchoring bar Some manufacturers even give users the option to purchase their wheelchair standard with the BATEC DOCKING-BAR soldered on to minimise the added weight on the chair to less than 200 grams. The bar is also fully integrated with the wheelchair, and can even be painted the same colour.

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