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oscar-y-batec-en-el-dakarÒscar, directly connected to the MINI MONSTER team, tells us in this post about his experience at the DAKAR with a BATEC ELECTRIC.



batecpeople-nachoNacho (Granada, Spain) is a wheelchair and BATEC MANUAL user and he has made it his habitual mode of urban transport. He uses it to go to university every day, for example.



los-nuevos-batecs-2014-ya-estan-en-la-calleLast July saw the launch of our new BATEC 2014 range, with request soon starting to stream in, both from people interesting in seeing and trying out the new Batecs and from people wishing to place an order. Here is a sample of the lucky few who got to perform the first demonstrations and the users who already have their Batec 2014 at home. Enjoy!

pau-bach-inventor-y-fundador-de-batecPau Bach is a C5-C6 tetraplegic wheelchair user as a result of a motorbike accident he suffered in 1996 at the age of 18. "Before the accident", he tells us, "I was passionate about motorbiking and cycling. From 14 to 18 years old I had 8 motorbikes! When I had the accident, I was studying my first year of Industrial Design with a view to working in the field of vehicle design."

blog-bateccontests-concurso-batectravels2013If you love traveling and you enjoy doing it with your Batec, this is your contest. Participate and win a BATEC BOSSA rucksack and a smartphone holder -both are part of our ACCESSORIES that we will be launching in September. 


costa-rica-y-panamaMaria Andrea is Colombian, but last year she was studying in Costa Rica. In this post she tells us of her adventures in Costa Rica and Panama (a trip she made from Costa Rica) and how the BATEC ELECTRIC she bought precisely for this adventure became her faithful companion. In fact, she and some friends of hers renamed it  the 'Mari-mobile'.


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