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batec mobility batec handbikes



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batecnews-el-nuevo-batec-2014We are very happy and excited to present to you the new Batec 2014: a new generation Batec with important innovations both in the equipment as standard and the available accessories.

In this post we provide a detailed account of these innovations and improvements, which make the BATEC 2014 truly unique.

bateclifestyle-pon-un-batec-en-tu-vida"The first thing I did with my new Batec was to go for a weekend with some friends to a holiday house in the countryside. I was nervous and excited. It was my first time, and a real baptism of fire, as we were going to one of my favourite spots, the Costa Brava." This is how Jordi starts the story of his first experience with his BATEC ELECTRIC. An experience which...

batecpeople ana y óscarAna (Tarragona, Spain) uses a BATEC MANUAL, which she shares with her husband, Óscar. Both of them are wheelchair users. She tells us that the Batec "is used by both of us, by my husband and myself. We are lucky in that we are more or less the same height – though not the same weight, he-he!" During the winter, the BATEC MANUAL is mostly used by Óscar, as she can't cope with the cold. "But now I've started to go out again." They live in...

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