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basketball women inclusive team electric power add-on wheelchair attachmentThe Scottish Women Warriors wheelchair basketball team has only been around for 18 months, but they've been a great discovery here at Batec Mobility: We love them! These women, aged 18 to 68, get together once a week to train and have fun. Learn more about them!


blog news batec mobility handbikes at toronto abilities expo canada 00From 20 to 22 January, the Abilities Expo fair will be held in Toronto (Canada), featuring technical-aids that seek to give people with disabilities greater independence. Thanks to our partner 49 Bespoke, you'll find our handbikes and be able to try any model. Come visit us!


wheelchair accessible journeys nine months travelling around europeMichelina (paraplegic, Australia) tackled a huge personal challenge last year: travelling alone with her wheelchair and handbike for nine months in cities all over Europe. A personal challenge that has given her the chance to understand accessibility in Europe in depth and test her own limits.

blog batec travels travelling brittany with a batec handbikeIn just one week this past summer, Aina and Júlia (paraplegic) did five routes around Brittany on their bike and BATEC HYBRID handbike, respectively. This trip kicked off their project Bategant sobre rodes to create a truly useful travel guide for people with reduced mobility.


blog batec journeys handcycling in scotland with a batec quad hybrid handbikeA few months ago, former Paralympic tennis player Mark Eccleston (paraplegic, United Kingdom) went to Scotland to travel some of the most spectacular wheelchair-accessible routes in the country with his BATEC QUAD HYBRID handbikeGlen Strathfarrar was his greatest discovery. Join Mark on his journey!

blog batec handbikes trasforma la tua carrozzina manuale in una carrozzina elettrica in secondiTurn your manual wheelchair into an all-terrain electric chair in just three seconds with the EASY-FIX anchor system, compatible with 95% of chairs on the market. Attach and detach your wheelchair to our add-on handbikes easily and effortlessly!


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