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blog batechandbikes the new electric handbike for your daily life batec urban keep the essentialsIf what you need is freedom and autonomy in your daily life, BATEC URBAN is the solution for you. All without giving up the essentials: turn your manual wheelchair into a motorised wheelchair and enjoy those little errands and daily trips, making them more pleasant and fun.


blog batechandbikes our most racing handbike is back to stay

In 2015 we launched our first edition of the BATEC RAPID handbike, a BATEC SPECIAL EDITION for our most racing users. Now, after three special editions that sold out in record time and back by popular demand, our BATEC RAPID and BATEC QUAD RAPID are here to stay, joining our standard line of handbikes.

blog batechandbikes 10 inconveniences of being in a wheelchair What's the worst thing about using a wheelchair? The chair? Here at Batec Mobility we think the worst part of having reduced mobility isn't the wheelchair itself, but the architectural barriers and obstacles that stop us from going where others go and doing what others do. Don't miss this video: you're sure to recognise these 10 obstacles.

blog batechandbikes you can get used to being in a wheelchair but not to giving up on lifeOur handbikes are made for everything you cannot miss out on just because you are in a wheelchair. So you do not have to give up anything. So your day-to-day is much easier. You will enjoy it, your loved-ones will enjoy it and those who see you will enjoy it. So you can enjoy life!


blog batechandbikes last units of our most feminine handbikeWe´re running out of BATEC PURPLE handbikes, the most feminine special edition of all our handbikes. There are only 4 units left in stock of the 25 we reissued last March. Hurry if you do not want to miss out on yours because we do not expect to launch any more of them. If you are interested, this is your chance!

accessories for a wheelchair and a batec handbikeSpecially designed for your Batec and any wheelchair, our ACCESSORIES are the perfect choice for any occasion with lots of possibilities. Plus, you'll get 10% off all accessories automatically when you join the BATEC CLUB.  

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